Our Group carries on business principally as a main contractor for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial projects, in property investment and development and as designer, manufacturer and supplier of prestressed and precast reinforced concrete building components and prefabricated architectural metal components.

Our business can be classified into 3 major divisions, namely:

Building & Construction Division

Our Group’s building construction activities is undertaken fully by Hor Kew Private Limited with the highest grading A1 graded by Building and Construction Authority (“BCA”) of Singapore.

Over the years, Hor Kew Private Limited has completed many projects. They are categorized as follows:

Design & Build Projects
Main Construction Projects
Major Upgrading Projects

Hor Kew Private Limited has attained the following international standard:

 ISO 9001: 2000 for Design Management and Building Construction Services
OHSAS 18001:1999 for Building Construction Services (The Occupational Health and Safety Management System)
ISO 14001:1996 for Building Construction Services (The Environmental Management System)

Property Development Division

Our group started our property development business in 1986.

To-date, we are into high end residential & commercial development, high tech industrial development.

Prefabrication Division

Our Prefabrication Division is undertaken by Prefab Technology Group which consists of Prefab Technology Pte Ltd, Prefab Technology 3 Pte Ltd, Prefab Technology 8 Pte Ltd, each specialised in different area of work.

The Group design & manufacture many products, namely:

Precast concrete building components
Prefabricated architectural metal components
Lock Tap
Re-bar connector

The Group has also attained the following international standard:

PSB ISO 9001:2000 for Design and Manufacture of Pre-cast Concrete Components