Hor Kew Corporation Limited is a building construction group, providing an integrated range of construction-related products and services.

The Group’s origin can be traced back to 1979 where Hor Kew Private Limited became the main business vehicle.

In 1983, the Group was awarded the first main building contract. This contract, with a value of $28.5 million, was for the building of 8 blocks of residential apartments.

In 1986, the Group embarked on the first property development project. Since then, the Group has completed several property development projects.

In 1990, to allow for vertical integration for the Group’s operations, the Group started the business of manufacturing and supply of prestressed and precast reinforced concrete building components as well as prefinished architectural precast components.

Further enhancement of this vertical integration came in 1994 when the Group ventured into the manufacturing and supply of prefabricated architectural metal component business.

The vertical integration of the Group’s operations continue till today, as this will enhances better control over the quality and progress of building projects undertaken, thus providing high value-added services to our customers.

Over the years, the Group has successfully completed many projects and have achieved and received many awards.

By leveraging on our steady track record and expertise in the construction industry, to-date our Group has grown to become a main board public listed construction group in Singapore with the highest grading (A1) in the industry.